I Denesini gushazi esguzua lete. My art is a reflection of how I feel.

Dennis Shorty

Dennis Shorty Fine Art Gallery and Studio

The Art Gallery is a place where you can browse through an incredible collection of traditional Kaska crafts and buy a one-of-a-kind piece of art directly from Dennis. You can watch Dennis use different media to create his art pieces surrounded by his creations or you can book a workshop to create your own unique piece under Dennis’ expert guidance.

Explore the vibrant world of acrylic painting at our Indigenous art gallery in the heart of Yukon. Our Acrylic Painting on Canvas workshop invites artists and art enthusiasts of all levels to experience the rich traditions and contemporary techniques in Indigenous art.

Browse through our collection of exquisite hand-made jewellery, a masterful blend of Indigenous cultural symbolism and contemporary artistry. Crafted from the finest materials, Dennis’s jewellery combines the natural ruggedness of antler with the warm, lustrous sheen of copper, creating pieces that is both rustic and elegant. Crafted with precision and care, each jewellery piece is a testament to the skill of Dennis and the enduring legacy of Indigenous craftsmanship. The unique combination of antler and copper ensures that no two pieces are exactly alike, making each a bespoke treasure. 

Each traditional hand-carved Dena-style mask is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted by Dennis, a master carver from the Yukon, known for his skill and dedication to preserving ancestral traditions. Sculpted from locally-sourced Yukon birch and poplar, woods chosen for their fine grain and workability, these masks embody the spirit of the land. The design of each mask is deeply rooted in Dena culture, drawing inspiration from centuries-old stories, beliefs, and artistic practices. Dennis imbues every mask with a unique character and soul, reflective of the Dena people’s deep connection to nature and their rich spiritual heritage.

Come join us sometime in our art gallery in the picturesque Yukon for the unique Copper Jewellery workshops that intertwine the art of jewellery making with the healing properties of copper.

We speak English, German and Kaska.

Dene megagunehtani eneta gushazi esdege metsi la nehtset … People can see it and feel the energy that I put into each piece.

Dennis Shorty

Artwork by Master Craftsman, Dennis Shorty

Jewellery, Sculptures, Paintings, Traditional Crafts & Masks

I Denesini gushazi esguzua lete. My art is a reflection of how I feel.

Dennis Shorty
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