Our workshops bring together the gifts of music and art for inspiration and well-being.

 – Dennis Shorty

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Dennis and Jenny Shorty offer single or multi-day hands-on cultural workshops from their home in Ross River. Workshops consist of singing in Kaska, bracelet and drum making, drumming, singing, and storytelling, where Dennis tells of the history of the area which was once a traditional celebration ground. Workshops can be hosted in English, German or Kaska.

Workshops offered

  • Antler jewellery carving
  • Acrylic painting on canvas
  • Drum making 
  • Copper jewellery 
  • Drum and sing circles
  • Storytelling 
  • Drum Bag Sewing Classes

“Dene megagunehtani eneta gushazi esdege metsi la nehtset … People can see it and feel the energy that I put into each piece”

– Dennis Shorty

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